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Payroll service for businesses

Would you like to employ some of your staff externally? For example in the following situations: short term assignments, during recruitment freezes and headcount limitations, during economically uncertain times or whenever the effort and risk of hiring new people is considered too be to high.

With Payroll Plus you can hire personnel without any additional effort or risk, fast and simple. Best available rates are guaranteed starting from CHF 2,- margin per working hour. Your company bears no employer’s risk, meaning you will not have to compile an employment contract and you are not responsible for all relevant insurance issues such as health, disability, accidents or retirement. As a company, you do not have to fear any extra costs when employees are sick or involved in an accident, since they are employed by Payroll Plus and receive their salary directly from us. This is how our service works: You inform us about your personnel as well as the agreed pay rate, either hourly or monthly. You will then receive the working contract for your employees together with the contract note. After receiving the work the salary will be paid within 2 working days. Monthly salaries will be paid automatically on the 25th of each month via bank transfer. You will receive the bills from us.

Do you employ temporary staff?

If you or your temporary staff are not satisfied with your current staffing agency (due to bad service, late payments, wrong billing etc.) you are very welcome to switch your employment requirements to us. Gather the pay-slip from your temporary staff and we will be happy to consult you transfering your temporary staff to us.

  • Reduce employer’s risk (working contract between Payroll Plus and your personnel)
  • All social security contributions are legally billed (Health and social insurances, unemployment benefits, paid sick days etc.)
  • Testing new employees without hiring them for a permanent position (less fluctuation – less effort)
  • Short period of notice (0-3 months = 2 days / 4-6 months = 7 days / after that 1 month)
  • Processing and paying sick days and offering accidental coverage (Payroll Plus covers theses costs)
  • Very good rates (best price guarantee)
  • Book employees on a project budget (in case of recruitment freezes)

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