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Billing solution for Freelancers

On average, 40 new businesses are founded daily in Switzerland alone. However, half of them no longer exist after just 5 years. What is left are shattered dreams that have cost a lot of money and energy. Therefore many people rise questions such as: Is is worth the effort founding a business? What follows after that part-time project is finished? Might I lose my unemployment benefits? How can I get the right kind of insurance (health, disability, retirement etc.)?

Being a freelancer employed by Payroll Plus, you do not have to found your own company. You will receive a working contract and by that all insurances are automatically covered. On top of that, you keep the right for the unemployment benefits. We deal with all the bureaucracy like account keeping, debtors and VAT.

Payroll Plus enters a contract with the freelancer and pays the agreed salary for the work within 2 days directly to the freelancer. The company, for whom the freelancer works, receives an assignment confirmation together with a bill for the delivered work by the freelancer. This way Payroll Plus takes over the complete responsibility for all of the administration and the employer’s risk. Payroll Plus is the simplest and fastest employment and billing solution for freelancers online. And that at the best rates available. For a minimal processing fee of just CHF 4,- per working hour freelancers receive a complete and carefree service, so that they can relax and focus on their work.

Founding a company
Finding clients and customers
Writing invoices and bills
Waiting for the bills to be paid
Register for and billing retirement insurance
Taking care of health insurance when being sick
Taking care of accidents and disability insurance
Taking care of additional insurances
Keeping the books and accounting
Invoicing VAT
Enter Payroll Plus contract (automatic insurance coverage for health, disability, accidents and retirement etc., including paid sick days)

What benefits does Payroll Plus offer – Flexible way of hiring employees?

  • Automatic insurance coverage for health, disability and retirement etc.
  • CSS paid sick days & Suva accident insurance (from 3rd up to 720 days)
  • Advantageous fee of just CHF 4.- per working hour (best price guaranteed)
  • Salary is paid within 2 days
  • Sending the bill to your client
  • Apply for unemployment benefits at RAV (for RAV you also receive an intermediate form of merit)
  • Clients can be sure that all social deductibles and contributions are being paid
  • 100% transparent and simple